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The First Local Group in TPA and HMO

An expert team of medical insurance and marketing professionals, with 30 years of combined experience, bring to you pioneering products and revolutionary services.

TPA services

We have strong business relationships with reputable insurance companies and provide direct billing facility to insured clients belonging to these insurance companies within our network hospitals, clinics, Pharmacies and diagnostic centers. Excluding Abu Dhabi, Bin Haider Healthcare Services currently has a total network of about 300 providers in the UAE. The number is ever increasing and we will provide cover for Abu Dhabi in the near future.

HMO Scheme

Bin Haider Healthcare Services has an intelligently designed and well-serviced HMO scheme. This is the most economical group health insurance scheme available in the UAE. Following are the salient features of our HMO scheme:

  • Insurance policy for IP and OP treatment with 3 different levels plans.
  • Lowest Premium
  • Pre-existing diseases covered from day 1
  • Cover from AED. 10,000/- to AED. 150,000/- per person per Year.
  • Cashless facility – Direct billing facility to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
  • 300-strong network of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
  • 24/7 days help line support.

Preventive Healthcare Management

  • Preventive healthcare and old age care, disease management and pharmacy management services.
  • Corporate health check-up programs for occupational diseases.
  • Electronic medical records and health records management.
  • Corporate health profiling, wellness health talks and medical camps.

Claim Processing

BHHS offers claim processing in Dubai as an outsourced service for TPAs and insurance companies. This ensures better liaison, enhanced data security and faster response speed. The ability of handling and processing substantial claims volumes and data processing with excellent turn-around time (TPT) and ICD & CPT coding by paramedic, life sciences or TPA experienced claim processors under supervision of doctors.

Electronic Medical Record Management System (EMRMS)

Innovative EMRM to compile health records of insured population, which will further help in formulating health insurance policies targeting customer needs.

Bin Haider Healthcare Services Advantages

  • Our service is much appreciated and encouraged for being cost effective, value based, and quality systems are popular among medical tourists and insurance companies.
  • With the capacity of highly qualified and well experienced medical team, we take care of all healthcare needs of our corporate clients; which extends to the level of assisting them in fighting against epidemic conditions.
  • BHHS offers unique healthcare schemes that are fully customized to meet the requirement of prospective corporate clients.
  • Adequate safeguard on e-security, data protection and confidentiality.
  • Schemes and products tailor made as per client’s needs.